The settling pond was excavated in 1962 and used in the operation of the fish farm downstream.

Settling Pond, Bridport
Aerial view settling pond, 1962
Settling Pond, Bridport River-Forest Track

Settling Pond, Bridport River-Forest Track

 Before the pond was built the water race would  frequently block with gravel and sand.  Fish farm workers had to clean the race daily.

With the settling pond as a part of the system, the water was then diverted into the pond from the race, and the gravel or sand would drop down  and ‘settle.’  A screen was also installed to catch rubbish.  The water would then flow down the race  and was reasonably clear.

In 2010, the  Settling Pond was rehabilitated  prior to the construction of the River-Forest in 2011.  This was made possible by a grant from NRM North and organised by Bridport Innovations.

Today the settling pond is no longer used for this purpose but the evidence of its operation can be still seen on the River-Forest walk.