The Bridport Walking Track (BWT) is a 40 week construction project.

Figures at a glance

4,457m (4.45 kms) of track to be constructed in 40 weeks

Team Work

30 trainees working in 2 teams of 15 each working on-track 4 x days per week from 8am – 4pm.  Classroom training 1 x day per week per team.

Segments of Track Work
The track team (trainees) work on separate sections and segments of track at varying times across the period based on materials, degree of difficulty and scope of work to be done.


311.11 m3 of base 50mm blue metal gravel 267.42 m3 of top sand gravel 200-300 tonne of local sourced mudstone and other rock material (basalt, blue metal).

Local Economics

  • Each trainee spends $5-10 per working day in the local economy which over the 40 week contract period equates to $36,000 spent in the local economy
  • $60,000 spent locally on walking bridge design & construction.
  • $36,000 spent locally on Track materials.
  • $15,000-20,000 spent locally on tools and equipment for track construction.

Stages 1-3 completed September 2010 to March 2011 are represented in the map below. This shows various design features, particularly dry stone rock walls, ramps, elevated paths, as well as natural and cultural features.

Bridport Walking Track Construction Stages

Bridport Walking Track Construction Stages