9 apprentices and their team leader embarked on  ground breaking, track building work this week at the  Maxwell Street end of the Bridport Walking Track.

Ground breaking crew, Bridport Walking Track

Track breaking crew

They are pleased to report that the first 50 metres of track has been prepared for aggregate path installation.

Bridport Walking Track, Maxwell St entrance

Maxwell St entrance, Bridport Walking Track

“The enthusiasm of the crew is obvious,” reports team leader Nick Shuter and “it will be a challenge to contain their gung-ho attitude and passion for this outdoor work.”

In order to train them in the underpinning knowledge that is fundamental to track work construction, Nick and the crew head to the classroom after two days of track work.  He is confident that  the apprentices in this crew will rise to this challenge, even though their preference is for the  hands-on, practical side of this work.

The apprentices are being trained in various modules required for fulfilling the requirements of Certificate II Land Conservation and Management.  The modules for “Recognise Plants,” and “Plant Trees and Shrubs” are foremost on Nick’s training agenda tomorrow after he convenes a weekly safety meeting with the apprentices.

Bridport Walking Track

Track building stage 1 close-up

Bridport Walking Track

Inaugural track building crew after a hard day’s work

Text and Photos: Judy Barnett