What makes Bridport so special?

Bridport Sunset

Sunset over Trent Water

With a beautiful natural environment overlooking the sparkling waters of Anderson Bay and the Bass Strait Islands, Bridport has a lifestyle that is envied by many. Combined with a vibrant sense of community and a unique quality of life, Bridport is perfectly described as a “Village by the Sea” or even the “Mediterranean of the South.”

The natural environment has spawned a rich historical and cultural story.  This story begins with Aboriginal culture, with at least 27 recorded sites in the area, and incorporates  the European settlement after the 1830’s. After a period as a port for the mining, farming and timber sectors, the 1920’s saw Bridport become the holiday destination of choice for many thousands of Tasmanians.

Today Bridport is a destination of choice for holiday makers from around the country as well as an increasing number of permanent residents from young families, sea changers and retirees. The current permanent population of around 1500 swells to over 6000 during the summer holidays making it a bustling but still laid back coastal village.

Within 25 years Bridport’s permanent population is estimated to reach 3500.

Bridport’s economy is  supported by a number of industries including international golfing tourism, farming, fishing and boat building.