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Canoes were constructed from the paperbark tree  which was in plentiful supply in the area.  They were  probably up to 5 metres long and made from thin strips of  the bark tightly bound and lashed together with string for  strength. Canoes were used to travel both long and short  distances to the offshore islands.

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Wood from dogwood and manuka was gathered to make  implements and weapons. The ends were fire hardened and then  made into short chisel type digging sticks, firebrands, spears,   music sticks and waddis.  The firebrand was carried for protection against the bad spirits   as the people travelled, and for immediate use in cooking, firing    the land and as well as for warmth.

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Brid River

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Living near or in the river systems of the Coastal Plains were a variety  of animals including snakes, echidna, eels, native cat (quoll), platypus,  possums, fish, burrowing and freshwater crayfish.  Most of these animals comprised an important part of the leenerrerter  diet.

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