NRM North supports Bridport Walking Track maintenance

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Bridport Innovations is fortunate to have the support of NRM North in maintaining the Bridport Walking Track. NRM North has generously donated  nearly $6,000. This allows BI contractors, and our enthusiastic volunteers to gradually remove blackberries, buy new plants and revegetate the riparian reserve over the next three years.   We were recently supported by the trainees working on the Bridport Surf Life Saving Club project who donated...

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History-Foreshore Signage Upgrade

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New signs providing continuity with the interpretation signs on the River-Forest Walk have been installed recently.      Funding of $9500.00 in December 2012 with a grant from Tasmanian Community Fund enabled the original 19 signs, many degraded by weather and vandalism, to be replaced with a durable re-cycled product, preserving historical information for residents and visitors of all ages to enjoy. QR codes on each sign enable...

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Half-domed huts

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Permanent sheltered living places or large half-domed bark huts were constructed from peppermint gum (kinship tree) and swamp teatrees.  Sheets of bark were cut using heavy stone axes and wedges pulled off in long strips and then interwoven. The structures were made by placing boughs in the ground to form a half-domed shape.  One of the largest huts with a number of hearths placed around the front, was in the lower reaches of the Great Forester...

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History of the River-Forest Track

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A walk on the “wild” side of Bridport with local bush walking identity Mike Douglas in late 2004 planted the seed of an idea in the minds of three local women.  Why not reclaim this last remaining patch of ancient forest and fragile riverside environment from the ravages of trail bikes, indiscriminate timber cutting as well as dumping of rubbish.  They quickly recognised that this could best be done via the construction of a walking track on...

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Track Maintenance River-Forest

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Bridport Innovations, together with Conservation Volunteers Australia, (CVA), are responsible for maintaining the new River- Forest Walking Track for the next five years until 2016.  After that Dorset Council will take responsibility for the track. To ensure that we fulfil our obligations, especially in the areas undergoing regeneration around Torrington House and Ada Street, we have agreed with CVA that they will provide between four and six...

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Canoes were constructed from the paperbark tree  which was in plentiful supply in the area.  They were  probably up to 5 metres long and made from thin strips of  the bark tightly bound and lashed together with string for  strength. Canoes were used to travel both long and short  distances to the offshore islands.

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