Half-domed huts

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Permanent sheltered living places or large half-domed bark huts were constructed from peppermint gum (kinship tree) and swamp teatrees.  Sheets of bark were cut using heavy stone axes and wedges pulled off in long strips and then interwoven. The structures were made by placing boughs in the ground to form a half-domed shape.  One of the largest huts with a number of hearths placed around the front, was in the lower reaches of the Great Forester...

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Canoes were constructed from the paperbark tree  which was in plentiful supply in the area.  They were  probably up to 5 metres long and made from thin strips of  the bark tightly bound and lashed together with string for  strength. Canoes were used to travel both long and short  distances to the offshore islands.

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Black peppermint

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Grandfather and grandmother peppermint gum were culturally  significant to the leenerrerter clanspeople both as a ceremonial tree and burial tree, and remain so for their descendants . The leenerrerter people practiced complex forms of reverence  towards the remains of the dead. One practice was to place  the deceased in an upright position in the burnt-out hollows  of the living peppermint gum using lengths of brushwood or  spears. Strips of...

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