“This track is a credit to everyone involved

…it has already become a popular attraction for Bridport.”


Cutting the natural ribbon were (left):Tim Jensen,Geoff Lyons MHR,Dorset Mayor Barry Jarvis,Patsy Cameron,Michelle O’Byrne and Tim Coyle.

Bridport Walking Track Opened MORE than 200 people celebrated the opening of the $1 million Bridport Walking Track on Friday. Diana Hardy-Wilson, one of the initiators of the track and a member of Bridport Innovations which received funding for the project, said the track had been 20 years in the making. Ms Hardy-Wilson paid homage to the late Carrie Harrison. “It was Carrie who ignited the spark,” she said. The construction was managed by Conservation Volunteers Australia, and manager Judy Barnett described the work completed by the 27 trainees. “The 4.7km section completed includes 18,000 wheelbarrow loads of gravel painstakingly spread by our volunteers,” she said. “Egypt has its pyramids, the Romans built their aquaducts, and now Bridport has its walking track which will be a lasting legacy for the Bridport community.”

Tassie Tigers cricket coach Tim Coyle, who holidays at Bridport, was a special guest at the event. “To be successful our cricket team had to believe in their capacity to achieve, and we have achieved five national titles. It is obvious that these trainees had a sense of belief and what they have built is a fantastic asset,” he said. Mayor Barry Jarvis congratulated everyone who had contributed to the completion of the track. “This track is a credit to everyone involved. It is already become a popular attraction for Bridport, and it will become a valuable resource for our town and the entire region,” he said.


Part of the crowd at the opening (Photo – Jeff Jennings)

 The project was a cooperative effort between Bridport Innovations, Conservation Volunteers Australia, Dorset Council, State and Federal Government.  The River-Forest section forms part of the 11 km walking circuit track linking the foreshore, wildflower reserve, the forest and the Brid River.