Raising the flag at The Pavilion

The Pavilion, Main Street Bridport

Bridport Innovations Inc. is a thriving community group of volunteers who are dedicated to enhancing the Bridport  lifestyle and the physical attributes of our community for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.

Without ongoing community support daily activities like the Pavilion Information Centre and the reading of the Weather Station could soon pass into oblivion.

New members are always welcomed and vital to a thriving community.

Bridport Innovation’s role is to provide residents communication and direction within our community, to represent the common views of our community to all levels of government, to promote tourism and local economic opportunities. Acting as a catalyst, the committee initiates projects resulting from public consultation. Our purpose is to further enhance the lifestyle and physical attributes of our community for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.

Pavilion visitors from Europe

Volunteer providing tourist information

We Aim:

›  To provide communication and direction within our community;

›  To represent the common views of our community to all levels of government;

›  To promote tourism;

›  To promote local economic opportunities.

Past Projects

›  Constructed the Bridport Visitor Information Centre ( The Pavilion ) including public  toilets

›  Established Coastcare division now incorporated

The Pavilion, Bridport

Ruth volunteer tourist information officer at the Pavilion

›  Erected a boat launching facility in conjunction with MAST

›  Established the Online centre bow incorporated

›  Established Bridport Movie makers Group, a Film Society, and hosted a National Movie Makers Convention in May 200

›  Initiated the building of a skate park in conjunction with the Lions Club

›  Established a walking trail through the Wildflower Reserve and along the foreshore

›  Installed solar lighting and history signs on the foreshore trail

›  Completed seating on the village green with donations from local business

›  Completed the 11km walking track looping around the entire village in 2011 ( River-Forest

Streetscape Upgrade Celebration

Streetscape Upgrade Celebration

Walk section ) joining the foreshore History Walk and Wildflower Reserve trail

›  Organised Fruits of the Sea  Festival in 2008 and 2009

›  Ran disco parties the youth of the North East

›  Ran a successful Fantastic No Plastic campaign in 2009

Current Projects

›  Operation of the Pavilion Visitor Information Centre staffed seven days a week with volunteers

›  Maintenance by volunteers of the weather station seven days a week for BOM since 1994

›  Publication of the newsletter BridReport monthly

›  Maintenance of the River-Forest Track

›  Running of the Bridport 10 Fun Run as part of the N E Rivers Festival

›  Annual involvement in the Australia Day SPLASH

Weather Station Reading

Weather Station Reading

Keeping an eye on our weather

The Bridport Weather Station is one of a number of the Bureau of Meteorology observation stations around Tasmania.

Volunteers read the weather instruments twice a day at 9am and 3 pm, 7 days a week, rain, hale or shine.

Then the details are put into a computer in the local newsagency and sent to the Weather Bureau of meteorology

The Bridport station has been operating since the mid 90’s.   During that time some 250 volunteers have participated in this valuable and fascinating community service. Yes we all love to talk about the weather!

If you wish to become a weather observer please contact Margie Milne on 63561516 or email margiemilne@bigpond.com